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Monday, 22 August 2011

After the weekend....

Our weigh in day is Wednesday. Today will give us some indication of how well we are doing with the weight loss. After a weekend of eating a normal calorie allowance, it’s back to our 4 days of being good. We didn’t get to eat cauliflower cheese with our Sunday roast, as I didn’t have time. Yesterday was another hot day, and we decided to spend about an hour in the garden. I enjoyed the bending and stretching, and it made a change from our usual walking.

As we experienced earlier in the week, hot weather affected our weight. I felt I was holding more water, and once again I think I was guilty of not drinking enough water. I decided to step on the scales before going to bed to check my weight, and was quite shocked. I was a bit nervous about stepping back on the scales this morning, but I shouldn’t have worried. Both our weights are down, and we are looking forward to a very good weight being recorded on Wednesday. I like to weigh often, and the constant fluctuations are interesting – it is my way of understanding how my body works and reacts to food and exercise.

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