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Friday, 26 August 2011

Goat's cheese toast salad

As promised, here is one of our favourite salads. It is about 350 calories per person and costs about £1.20 each... We were ravenous after a longer walk, and this was quite quick to put together, and didn't last long on the plate!

Take a roll (log) of goats cheese, which comes pre-packed. Cut this into 8 slices each about 1cm depth, you could cut it thinner if you like. We used a pastry cutter to cut out 8 rounds of bread (use white or brown), and toasted one side then put the goats cheese on the other side. I put the cheese toasts next to the grill so they would soften a little, while I was preparing the salad. Choose your favourite salad leaves and ingredients, and toss in olive oil - don't forget to put on some salt and pepper. Finally, put the cheese/toasts under the grill to brown slightly.

Place the cheese/toasts on the salad, add some red onion marmalade, and pour on some balsamic syrup (or balsamic vinegar) and you have a wonderful, colourful and very tasty quick salad.

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