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Saturday, 13 August 2011

It's holiday season

As we keep nipping away for a day or two here and there, my posts have dwindled. However, so has our weight! We both weigh less, even though we are enjoying our days out and eating as if we are eating for England.

We stepped up our walking, and basically aim to achieve enough exercise through walking to eliminate - at least - our lunches. That way we can enjoy more food in the evening.

Take today for instance, we had a yoghurt and fruit cocktail for breakfast and a bacon and egg sarni - on white bread of course - for lunch. We imagined our calorie intake took a bit of a bashing, so went out for a leisurely walk. Some 5 miles later and 500 calories lighter, we emerged feeling energised and stress free.

Earlier this week we ate some wonderful meals and here is a pic of our lemon and thyme chicken. The flavour was amazing. We cut one whole chicken in half and made 2 meals from it - keeping costs down and calories low. We served this with new potatoes, sweetheart cabbage and our own broad beans (which had almost gone over and were so big that we squeezed the best bits out of the leathery jacket). For the gravy (or sauce) we simply added a little cornflour to thicken and adjusted the seasoning to taste. Simple. Cheap. Fresh. What can we say? The picture does not do justice to the powerful taste!!

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