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Thursday, 18 August 2011

One day later

My scales have been very kind to me today. With just one day of eating fresh ingredients, that's yoghurt and fruit for breakfast, tuna salad and potatoes for lunch and cajun chicken with salad and potatoes for dinner, I am now down to my all time low again. With a couple of good days I think I will definitely see a new low.

It must take time for all the walking to kick in. Also, the day before I weighed we had eaten quite a bit of bread based products and a takeaway. I believed my fluid balance was not quite right too. So one day of putting that right, and I am at the weight I thought I should be. My clothes are all so loose now, and the view in the mirror tells me I've lost a lot of weight. It's taken longer for the weight loss to show on me than on my partner, so I'm really pleased I'm beginning to look the part now. We have both had to go out and buy smaller clothes too. Yesterday our bank balance took quite a bit of bashing due to the new shapes emerging. My partner is so excited because for the first time in his whole life, he is wearing the smallest ever pair of jeans. In fact, both of us had to pinch ourselves as we stepped out of the changing rooms in new size clothes. I know some shops are more generous, but in this shop we were both in sizes we have never been before. What a thrill.

I can now almost fit two fingers into the space left between my wrist and my watch strap. My face is also looking much thinner. All this vanity going on - but the real bonus is that we are both so much fitter, just through walking. No need for a gym here. We are powering up hills like athletes, ok not quite the olympics, but once upon a time we would have been out of breath. I can also feel the muscles that have developed in my legs, and my back. My partner just looks even better. He also feels and sounds much fitter, and I reckon we will be running soon, or doing something to increase the intensity of our exercising.

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