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Saturday, 6 August 2011

A busy and hot Friday

We’ve both been very busy, and in some ways that helps to stop the snacking! Our meals yesterday complimented the busy lifestyle. I had a takeaway salad of salmon, potatoes and green leaves at 400 calories. My partner went for a takeaway prawn sandwich at 360 calories, but NO crisps. He snacked on a small 100g pack of chicken breast. We both ate the left over pasta and meatballs with a little French bread in the evening before going out for a pint or two or three. Strangely enough, we didn’t feel hungry when we got back. We had decided that if we were hungry we would eat some cooked sausages and finish the French bread – but this was actually left uneaten. The only thing we wanted was crisps. We had been for a walk before going to the pub and then walked to the pub and back. Our total walk amounted to about 5 miles. It was humid and the pub was extremely hot. This may explain the need to replace salt that we must have lost from our bodies.

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