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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A very interesting weigh in

After a mediocre week or two of weight loss, we were finally rewarded. We haven’t done any extra walking or eaten any less than usual, but it seems as if our bodies have at last registered the work put in during August. After a few short holiday breaks, involving lots of eating away from home (and some of it not as healthy as we usually eat), our weight loss had slowed a little. But, even then we NEVER gained weight.

This morning my partner can report a whole 2 lb weight loss and myself 1 ¼ lb weight loss since our last recorded weight last Wednesday. This is so encouraging, and as I mentioned before, we KNOW we have been good and yet the scales have been fickle. So finally our reward is here.

Yesterday I ate cereals for breakfast, a mozzarella salad with ciabatta and a beef steak salad wrap for dinner with salad. We both had a couple of drinks in the evening and I had some biscuits. We didn’t get to go for a walk.

Today we are going to eat cereals for breakfast, a goats cheese salad for lunch (which I will take a picture of) and for dinner we are going to have some sausages, egg, beans and tomatoes. We intend going for a 3 mile walk if we can fit it in.

As reported previously, we get these large drops in weight once the body finally lets go. We know the drop is coming our way, as we begin to get a large swing in weight. The scales will be up or down as much as 3 lbs, then this fluctuation will narrow down to a much smaller amount, which (to us) indicates a large drop in weight. Once again this has proved to have happened today. We always suspect our weekends of eating lots and NOT restricting ourselves, fools the body. Take this weekend – we cooked shoulder of lamb and had roast potatoes and veg – a good old Sunday roast. Monday we ate the same again for dinner. I’m really pleased our weight has consolidated downwards. We have been doing this for 7 months now and my partner has exceeded 1 lb weight loss per week. I’m just under that, but love the new body that is emerging, and have found this way of losing weight so easy. We are both closer to our healthy BMI – just one and a bit points away from it now. That is just to get into the top of the range, so there is still a way to go. I would imagine we will both see another 14 lbs weight loss bringing us into the middle of the range, where we will decide if that is enough. It’s been a very interesting journey of discovery so far.

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