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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Another weigh in day!

I'm trailing my new low, with another half pound weight loss. The amount of exercise these last few days doesn't seem to be reflected - once again - on the scales. Yet, when I look in the mirror I can clearly see the results of our exercise and eating plan.

Being away on a short hotel break doesn't help. Although I was looking forward to the hotel food, the experience was very very disappointing. On Sunday evening I had to send my main dish back to the kitchen as I couldn't cut through the meat. This is the first time I've ever had to do that. We left the restaurant and went out to find a shop, but it was a ghost town. So I had to make do with a sandwich.

On Monday we stopped at some beautiful woodlands and walked a total of around 5 miles. We picked up some sandwiches to take out to a beauty spot and eat for lunch.

Realising we had been eating quite a lot of bread based meals, we launched back into our usual routine when we arrived home. Yesterday we had a tuna salad and potatoes for lunch and a per-peri chicken salad and potatoes for dinner. It's always good to get back to eating fresh foods. I still feel a bit bloated from eating bread, but less so this morning. I'm just about to have some yoghurt and fresh peaches and apricots for breakfast. We picked up the fruit as it just looked so inviting (and cheap because it's in season).

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