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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Body fat percentage

Our weight loss seems to have slowed down a bit. My partner however can reliably report that since eating the way we do, he has always recorded a weight loss or stayed the same EVERY week. We both know we are doing more walking and eating less, so the maths will add up in the end.

Talking of walking - we are definitely more toned and look slimmer. So I decided to check out my body fat %. There is a significant improvement and my body fat has dropped. So two things are happening, I am building muscle AND losing a bit more body fat. These scales are readily available these days, and the fat percentage reading gives us a clue what is going on inside our body. It confirms what we suspected. So pounds and kilos are not the only measurement to consider.

On double checking our calorie intake, we found a good website where we simply input height and current weight and it tells us how many calories we can eat without gaining weight. For example ny partner is 5' 10 and his normal eating allowance is 2500 calories per day. Mine is around 2000 calories. Knowing this figure is the starting point - it will put you in control. And like us, because we KNOW what we are eating, we KNOW it will all work out in the end.

We are both quite a way away from having the desired percentage of body fat, but we have already come a long way.

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