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Friday, 2 September 2011

Back to work

Ah the summer holidays are all but over. I have been unable to blog in recent days but can confirm we are both still chipping away at the weight loss.

We weighed on Wednesday as normal, and are happy to report another week of weight loss. My partner is down another whole pound and I am down half a pound. Our shapes are changing and the fat is disappearing. I think our legs are developing muscle due to all the walking we do.

Interestingly we found that when we walk for a long time - that's about 5 miles - our bodies will hold water. And that means we can weigh more when we step on the scales. We think this is down to dehydration more than anything. So after a few days of walking, and not drinking enough (again) our weight seemed to go up. But, just one day later, increasing our fluid intake, our weight stabilised then lost weight. Another couple of days later, and weight simply dropped off.

We are loving the results of our way of eating. There is no secret to it all. One of the biggest contributors to weight loss is TO STOP SNACKING. It's difficult when food is around. More importantly though, we have found we must keep hydrated and ensure our salt intake matches our level of exercise.

Today we are having a prawn salad with pasta for lunch, and as we are off out to see some friends tonight, we'll have a chilli con carne and rice. Today is one of our higher calorie days, so enjoying a night out should not affect our weight loss programme too much.

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