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Friday, 23 September 2011

Is my nose getting bigger?

Or is my face getting smaller. I think my partner prefers the second idea. This question arose after my partner was asked if he had broken his nose recently. A colleague of his hadn't seen him for quite a few months, and suddenly came out with this question the other day. My partner replied that his nose had been broken for the last 15 years - way before he had even known his colleague. He broke it playing rugby. I laughed and said maybe the weightloss in his face is finally being recognised. In a round about way, the question is really a compliment. His colleague probably couldn't work out why my partner's face looked different, and after a short study....spotted the broken nose. Losing weight slowly but surely is bringing a lot of strange comments. The great test will be when my partner goes to a conference in November. The attendees will be people he will not have seen since the last conference which was a year ago. By November, the weight loss should be around 3.5 stone. A big difference. So it will be VERY interesting to see what people say to him then. But for now, we have a good old chuckle at some of the comments. My last one being - have I had my hair done? Not quite as funny, but when people see you on a regular basis, they don't realise the bigger picture.

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