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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Wednesday weigh in ...

What a wonderful day. After a miserable summer, where we've had to skip between showers, today is so beautiful and fresh and....sunny. With that autumn freshness, I'll be making sure I walk everywhere today. My weigh in was successful. I've reached an all time low. Just half a pound down, but the scales have registered a new low weight. I've been eating specific things to see if they make a difference, and I suspect they do. My partner is down half a pound too. I have a feeling our weight would have been lower, but we walked to the pub last night as it was such a lovely evening. We also ate when we got home at 9pm, so we ate much later than we normally would have done. Never mind. Apart from our weight dropping again, our shapes are definitely changing. For me, I can report a waist appearing! My watch is almost able to creep round my wrist now, and my spare chin is disappearing. My partner is much the same, only his watch spins on his wrist now. In fact, he bumped into a member of his family who he hadn't seen since starting this eating regime, and his reaction was pretty amazing. Yesterday we ate the following: full fat yoghurt and fruit for breakfast, full fry up for lunch - 2 rashers bacon, 1 sausage, 1 double yoker, tomatores and mushrooms and toast, and a homemade "freezer" curry for dinner. You may think the lunch was unhealthy, but we don't have this every day, and cook with wonderful, farm fresh ingredients. The sausage had very little fat for example. As it was so filling, we didn't pick or snack on anything until we ate our evening meal - and even then we both said we were not really hungry. So, another good week, with the reflections in the mirror confirming our new lifestyle is WORKING. We do not "diet", we eat what we want. The walking is toning our lower body in a way that we would never have imagined.

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