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Thursday, 8 September 2011


Hooray for another week of success. My partner has lost another whole pound, and I have sneaked another half pound down in weight. As we are both eating normally, this is quite a miracle of sorts, and proof that small steps eventually turn into big weight losses - if you keep going like we have done. We tend to eat a lot more salads these days, but occasionally we get the urge to have sandwiches. Yesterday we had crab sandwiches, using some wonderful crab (white and brown meat mixed) from the fishmonger. I used a little mayonnaise on the bread and sliced up some lettuce. The crab was quite powerful and I suppose I didn't need to use as much as I did - about 80g per person. On the side we had some spring onions, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and - dare I say it, crisps Just a few crisps, nice and salty. I think when we go for walks there is a delayed reaction, where we eat saltier foods over the next 24 hours. In the evening we had a stir fry. Just a tub of stir fry ready made from the supermarket, which we bulked out with a few more mushrooms. We used pork tenderloin this time, rather than beef or chicken. I know we slightly deviated from our white meat only week, but I quite fancied pork. The tenderloin is very cheap, and goes a long way, it is also perfect for a stirfry. The recipe has been done before, and the result was perfect. So filling, I couldn't eat all of it either! I did take a picture, but it is a bit dark - I've put it on my blog anyway, just to give you some idea.

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