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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Curried grey mullet

Yesterday we ate grey mullet for dinner. This is a cheap fish, with a texture similar to bass, and does well if marinated in curry powder. We make our own mix - see earlier recipe - but you could just use any curry powder, mix with a bit of oil (add some garlic and ginger if you have any to spare). Let this mingle for an hour or so, and fry the fish as you would normally do.
As you can see we ate this with salad - strange combination, but it worked. We also had some new potatoes, which were boiled, then fried (very yummy). The yoghurt dressing was simply plain (full fat) yoghurt mixed with chopped mint from the garden, some chopped cucumber - with skin removed - and some ground cumin to taste. Just a dash of salt and pepper, tasting as you go, and you have a very refreshing dressing. It was extremely filling, and we would estimate the calorific value for the whole meal at around 350 - 400 calories. We think you would enjoy this meal, and especially if the weather is good enough to get the bbq out, as it crisps the skin up so much better.

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