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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Belated update

Our weigh in on Wednesday was pleasing. Another pound weight loss for my partner, although I seemed to stay the same. However, on Thursday I weighed 3/4 lb less which cheered me up a little. We have been away for a few days, and chose to walk through the Wye Valley. Our walking route was a bit of a test, through woods, hills and muddy riverbanks. We walked for about 3 hours in total, and felt quite tired at the end of it. We rewarded ourselves with a cool drink or two at a local pub. After a long shower we made our way to the restaurant, and feasted upon a mixed grill with chips and salad. We didn't take long getting off to sleep. The next day our legs were really tired and our calf muscles ached a bit. We realised we needed to drink more water and replace our salt levels, so made time for a ham and cheese sandwich for breakfast. I find if I need salt, I can be eating something which is usually salty, and I won't be able to taste the salt. It's only once my body has replenished its salt levels, that I start to taste the salt. Strange, but true! Friday night we had a take away curry, and although we thought we wouldn't eat all of it, we did. We tucked in as if we hadn't eaten for months. In fact, this curry was our first takeaway for a very long time. We must have needed the energy. The weekend has shot by and we have managed a walk or two between the rain. We ate roast pork and apple sauce with roast potatoes, cabbage, carrots and tasty gravy. I've no idea what we will weigh next week, but right now I feel so full I could burst. The amount of food we have eaten in the last 4 days is amazing. We decided we needed to have a blow out, because in the past when we've done this it appears that our bodies let go of some extra weight. We think this is our secret to eating normally, then still losing weight. I felt my weight loss was slowing down a bit too much, and this increased intake may just help it get back on track. We'll see next week.

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