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Friday, 23 September 2011

Weekend here we come!

Feeling a bit under the weather with a sore throat and cold, but still hope to enjoy the weekend. It takes away the appetite, and I feel more like eating starchy foods. I get to eat my FULL calorie allowance for the next three days, and I'm looking forward to that. Today I've had weetabix with full fat milk for breakfast (200 cals), peppered salmon and new potato salad for lunch (400 cals) and a couple of biscuits with coffee (150 cals). That leaves me with 1250 cals for the rest of the day. I'm thinking what to have for dinner. We usually go to the pub on Friday, but that all seems a bit too much like hard work today. I'm sure I can drag myself there, and I suspect we will walk as the weather is dry. It's a two mile round trip, so that adds 200 calories (100 per mile) to my Calorie Bank. We may just get fish and chips from the chipshop. We always share a large piece of battered cod, as there is more cod and less batter that way. We think the fish and chips will take care of around 800 calories at most. So that leave 650 cals for me and around 1150 cals for my partner for a few drinks. That sounds a lot doesn't it, but a pint is around 280 cals.

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