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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Wednesday weigh in.......

After a few days of eating and drinking everything we wanted, we have had a couple of days of "good" eating. This means we are STILL eating what we want, but we are watching the energy intake and trying not to snack. We aim to eat 500 calories less per day on our 4 days of "good" eating. Now, in doing this, we have to ensure that what we eat sustains us enough so we do not feel hungry. How do we do this - well, we eat higher fat (healthy) foods. The fat content also helps slow the metabolism of the food we do eat, so we are fuller for longer. Yesterday we had minced beef bolognese served with gnocchi for dinner. We were surprised at how high in calories the gnocchi was, but - decided on balance - that it would compliment our home made bolognese. The meal would probably add up to around 550 calories, but it was certainly worth it in taste and the fact that we were very full afterwards. We didn't get our walk either because of the rain. Our weigh in this morning was interesting too!! My partner is down 3/4lb and I am down 1/2lb. I have now officially booked my lowest weight too. My fat content is down, and my BMI has dropped another notch, so inside my fat is redistributing itself quite nicely. I did receive my first real comment on my "changing shape", in the pub the other day. Someone asked me where my midriff had gone - proof enough my shape is changing in the right direction! It's great to be losing the excess fat that I really can do without - and keeping hold of the bits I love. People have commented in the past, but it's a slow ongoing process, and our regular friends don't seem to say much, but this particular comment last week was from someone I hadn't seen in a while.

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