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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Wednesday menu

For breakfast I'm going to have strawberries with full fat greek yoghurt and a little honey. This is one of my favourite breakfasts, as it is so filling. I will have about 80g yoghurt and top with as many strawberries as I fancy. As this fruit is going out of season, it's not quite as sweeet, so I use a bit of honey to balance this out. I think I'm going to have a sandwich at lunch time, as my other half is travelling away. With the weather being so fantastic, I am going to make the most of it and go shopping. I'll also add some extra walking into this. Take yesterday for example, I clocked up around 2.5 miles just walking between shops and gardening. It all adds up. This evening we have half a chicken marinating in a peri-peri seasoning (dry rub). I'll cook this under foil for about half and hour then remove the foil and continue cooking in the oven until it has crisped up. We'll eat this with a rocket and parmesan salad, well seasoned and coated in olive oil. There will also be some buttered new potatoes on the side, and some sweetcorn. The sweetcorn is in season, and we boil one cob that has been chopped into 4 pieces, for about 20 minutes, then serve with a dab of butter and salt/pepper. I was surprised how long the cob took to cook, but the taste is quite fresh, sweet and crispy. If I eat between meals, then I know I haven't eaten enough during the meal, and our way of eating has taught us to actually eat MORE at mealtime. Like yesterday's lunch - it was so filling that I didn't get the hunger pangs around 4pm. We just try and keep within our calorie allowance, this is our only boundary. We've set that boundary to suit OUR lifestyle. It's worked, we have both lost so much weight.

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