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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Today's menu

This is day 2 of our 4 days of "good" eating. That means less calories, but still having all the food we want to eat, packed with goodness and nutrition. Today I ate a boiled egg and toast for breakfast. I know when I fancy this, that I am hungry and lack salt, because I use marmite on my toast. This must have been my body's response to so much walking on Sunday, filtering through, and telling me to eat something with salt? Lunch was our gut-busting tuna, egg, cheese and potato salad. We calculate that would be around 400 calories. This evening, despite the grotty weather, we made time to go for a long walk - and clocked up about 3.5 miles. On return we were welcomed by the aroma of the chicken cooking in the oven. We bought a whole chicken from the discount store called Lidl. The cost of our chicken was £4.20. It is farm assured, and weight about 2.2kg. I checked in the local "big" supermarket, and found they were selling chicken at around the same weight for £6.00, so we had a good deal. We cut the chicken in half, and for tonight's meal, we took some peri-peri seasoning and mixed it with a teaspoon of oil and marinated for around an hour. We put this in the oven to cook while we went for a walk (one hour). Upon return, we turned the heat up to 200 degrees c and crisped it up for about 15mins. The potatoes were cooked and ready by then, and we buttered and seasoned them. The salad was simply rocket and a few left over leaves from lunch, mixed with oil, seasoning and parmesan shavings. The total cost for this meal PER PERSON was around £1.50 each...... Calories would be - at a guess - no more than 500? I hope you don't mind us not diligently counting calories, but we have a rough idea - and as we are still losing so much weight, we must be on the right track!!
So here is our home made platter for 2 - half a good chicken (which didn't shrink because of water content), a good green salad, and some new potatoes. Simple. Tasty. Delicious.

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