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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Blackberry duck

This was our meal this evening. 

The colours just don't do this dish justice.  It was really tasty and that surprised us because we used a couple of duck breasts that had been in the freezer for a very long time!

A blackberry sauce was whipped up by using 200mls red wine, 25mls port, a chopped shallot (or small onion), one clove of garlic, half dozen blackberries and 200mls chicken stock. Reduce to about half then pass through a sieve and return to the pan and season to taste. We found it was too sour, so we added some redcurrant jelly - I suppose you could just add sugar or honey if that was the case.  The sauce was then reduced again until it was a syrup like texture and a knob of butter was added.  The rest of the blackberries were added at this stage. 

Now for the celeriac.  Beautiful.  After cooking in milk, we mashed it and seasoned with salt and pepper.  If you wish to make this richer, add butter or cream. 

The little balls of roasted potato completed the dish.  The plate was served up as you see it, but, we were so full that we couldn't finish it and left around a third of the dish.  That may sound cruel, but we just listened to our bodies and realised we had served too large a portion.  It was a fantastic meal and we think the dish would come to around 700 calories. 

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