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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Friday's takeaway

We had nothing prepared - so we decided to treat ourselves to a takeaway.  This was our first takeaway of this style for some time.  At the pub we drank our usual amount, so hunger wasn't down to drink. So we were surprised to find ourselves able to continue eating through the takeaway.  We seemed able to consume a lot more than what we would consider as normal intake.  The next day, we could still taste the salt - our mouths were really dry. 

So what was going on?  When we have cooked food from scratch - even if it is fairly high in fat - we find we stop eating naturally when we are full.  We think by eating the natural fat in food, we feel fuller and stop eating much sooner. 

With the takeaway, we didn't get the same 'full' signals.  We wonder if it was down to MSG, which maybe raises the salt level of the food.  Does this substance fool our body into eating more than normal?  Because we eat freshly prepared food most of the time, it was more noticeable to us that we ate so much.  We know there was something in the takeaway that made us eat more than we normally would.  We CHOSE to eat the takeaway, and that may not be the healthiest option - but you can see from our pictures, we usually eat our own prepared food.

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