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Wednesday, 11 January 2012


We are both back to our pre-Christmas weight and feeling positive about the months to come.  It was a good sign - not putting on lots of weight over the festive period, but I'm not going to get too complacent!  I've just been to the shops to try on some clothes, and find I can now get into sizes I used to dream about.  However, standing in front of a triple mirror only helped remind me of the rest of the fat that needs to go.  Despite losing a lot of weight already, it is clear that there is more to go.  I wonder where all the weight I have lost has disappeared from!  Obviously it has gone, as I am now able to wear clothes 2 sizes smaller.

Because the way we eat is sustainable, we are going to continue.  Our 'healthy' BMI is just over one point away, and I can't wait to get there.  At the moment, we are experiencing those large swings in weight again.  We used to find this happened when we were about to consolidate a new weight - so it's quite exciting really.  It's as if the body is re-distributing its fat around too.  We both know our shapes have changed quite dramatically these last month as waistlines are disappearing - yet the scales haven't seemed to register it yet.  This will follow, in time, so we are not too concerned.  We are just happy to be losing weight - slowly but surely - without any faddy diet or deprivation.  It's great to feel positive about losing weight.  Diets are always so negative - can't have this, mustn't eat that, shouldn't really...but.  Each day we ask ourselves - what do we fancy eating.  Then we eat it.  It's like being kind to yourself every day, which surely we all deserve. We just control how much we eat, and know what it is going to do to our overall calorie intake. It's worked so far!

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