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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Hint of things to come...

Our shin of beef was slow cooked tastes fabulous already.  We're half way there with our meal tonight.  We removed all the undesirable bits from the meat, and sprinkled it with salt - this will help the binding process. 
We rolled the meat up to the size of our metal cooking rings. It will it in the fridge this afternoon, when we will cut it into four portions - 125g per person.  It is SO rich, having been slow-cooked in red wine & stock/veg.  For the sauce, we sieved the cooking liquor before reducing it down and seasoning with salt and pepper.  We prepared hand made ricotta & spinach ravioli to go with the dish.  Obviously this will be just as good with some creamy mash, but we've chosen to eat ours with pasta.

It will be served on a bed of buttered leeks, and drizzled with the reduced cooking stock, where the fat has been removed - which believe me, tastes delicious, rich and yummy.  Can't wait.  Recipe and calories to follow!

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