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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Wednesday weight

We have revisited our energy allowance - that's calories to you and me.  Recognising we have both lost over 5 stone together, we checked if our calorie intake needed adjusting.  It did.  So on Monday, we started to eat our new allowance.  It was only about 100 calories lower than we thought, but that's enough to slow the weight loss (effectively by 700 calories per week).  We are still in the fat-loss stage, so need to eat below our daily allowance and we do this 4 days per week. 

Standing on the scales today, we are both now 1/2 lb lighter - which is pleasing.  So the weight is still coming off, even though we have now been doing this for one whole year.  I think the part-time reduction in calories (while still eating whatever we want - ie no faddy foods) is the key, together with a bit of walking.  If I can continue to lose on average 1/2 lb week doing this I will be at my goal weight soon enough. When you see what we eat, that's pretty impressive.

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