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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Saturday ideas

There's a beautiful frost outside, so we're going to head for a park which overlooks the whole of Bristol.  This walk will give us some breathtaking views and a little gentle exercise.  Walking has made us fitter and contributed to our weightloss.

For lunch we will probably have a sausage sandwich, as it's simple and quick to make.  We believe butchers sausages beat the supermarket for taste and quality every time.  The meat content is so much higher too.

We are attempting a NEW recipe today.  Braised SHIN of beef with a twist.  We'll put the recipe up later.  All I'll say is the beef is a cheap cut - costing around £2.00 per pound.  This has been slowly braised overnight in red wine and stock/veg.  It smells delicious.  The slow cooking is the first part of the process.  Once it's cool enough to handle, we'll remove all the tough bits and roll the meat into a sausage shape (using clingfilm) and place in the fridge until we're ready.  This will make a great dinner party meal, as half the prep is done ahead of time.  I can't help loving the fact that the entire dish will cost us less than £2 per person - and - if we pull it off - will look spectacular!!  So excited.  I'll work out the calories in this later as I'm curious to know.  I suspect it's not going to be that high in calories. 

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