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Monday, 9 January 2012

Monday's kick start....

As we all know, calories count and Monday starts with a spicy hit.  I enjoyed lunch as I haven't had corned beef in a long time.  Our 450 calorie salad was so tasty, with some cheese and new potatoes covered in just a little butter!  Simple and delicious.

I did my usual trick of choosing the furthest parking slot from the shop, and this way I clocked up 0.6m on my pedometer.  That's about 60 calories to you and me. 

Dinner was easy too.  We had half a chicken left over, and I took off the skin, and marinated it in tandoori paste mixed with a bit of lemon juice.  I left this for around 4 hours before cooking.  It was absolutely succulent and delicious, low in calories and we had just a small amount of homemade oven chips and a sweetcorn salad.  I'd say the dinner came to around 650 calories. 

I've now got a few spare calories to either eat/drink this evening, or store up for later in the week!

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