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Thursday, 5 January 2012


The days when I'm undecided about what to eat, are the most difficult.  Today is going to be a busy day too, so I think we will have a sandwich for lunch.  If I'm out, and want to grab a sandwich, I can.

Sandwiches can vary, from around 300 to 800 calories, making what may seem an innocent food, potentially calorie loaded.  When buying a sandwich, look at the calorie content - you may just be surprised. Watch out if you fancy crisps too, as these can be very high in calories.  There are some lower calorie crispy alternatives out there, so choose wisely. 

Just become wise to what you are eating, and how that relates to the total number of calories you have decided to allow yourself for the day.  With 2,000 to play with, a sandwich may just fit in nicely, so have it.  But, there could be tastier things out there that are more filling, have a look around.  A high calorie sandwich and large bag of crisps could be replaced with a full hot meal.  A hot takeaway is an option.  I've noticed some well known fast food establishments are now displaying their calories on the internet, so take a look. Only then can you make an informed choice, and know what to spend your calories on.

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