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Monday, 10 December 2012

Chip shop

I often wonder if just thinking or talking about a certain food, switches on a light and before you know it you're eating it?
After the mention of fish and chips today, the seed was planted. We were rushing around, and ended up ... at the fish and chip shop. We don't have these very often, so we enjoy them when we do. The difference now, is that we SHARE a large portion. As you can see the plate is still full - with around 180g of battered cod which is plenty. It was certainly filling enough.
We've experienced this phenomena before - and would imagine this is one of the reasons many restrictive 'diets' fail: because the food on your mind is not allowed.
A little of what you fancy is surely OK? We haven't given anything up, so we can make a choice to eat this if we want to. That freedom has helped us continue following our unique method of eating which has taught us a lot about food and how we eat it. Owning up to enjoying this - why not!
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