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Saturday, 8 December 2012


Fondant potato with herb crusted rack of lamb. A delicious combination. All served with a lamb and rosemary jus.
My tastebuds were tingling as the dish came together.
Interestingly, the lamb is around 265 calories per person - so we estimate the whole dish at around 650 calories.
The meal was fairly easy to cook - it just needed some military planning! A bit of a fuss, but we were looking for a challenge.

We prepared the following beforehand:
The jus was made using some pre-bought lamb stock and a couple of large sprigs of rosemary. This was simply boiled and reduced to the consistency we wanted. We added a dash of sherry (could also have used port) just to sweeten it a little.

The fondant potatoes made by placing the raw potato in a pan and covering with chicken stock, and cooked until soft. We did this in the afternoon, so they were half prepared.
The next part of the cooking was to fry them in some butter until golden brown when you are ready to eat. We didn't use as much as some of the recipes out there...
The mint pea puree was a mix of chopped shallot, garlic, peas and mint cooked until soft then pureed.
Then when we were ready to eat:
The lamb was already French trimmed by our butcher. We browned the meat in a frying pan, then brushed with dijon mustard and covered in (25g) breadcrumbs mixed with chopped rosemary, parsley and thyme. The lamb then went into oven for around 8 minutes - which was medium/rare for us. Depends on the size of the chops.
We fried the potatoes in butter while the lamb cooked.
The carrots were cooked in orange juice, for a sweeter result and we added a tiny piece of butter at the end.
We wrapped partly cooked green beans in parma ham and pan fried them with a few tiny mushrooms.
So what do we think? The sweet nuggets of lamb were delicious - but you would get more for your money if you bought lamb rump. The rest was gorgeous!!!!!
Oh and if that wasn't enough, we decided to make this LEMON SOUFFLÉ infused with limoncello liqueur. Mmmm, what more could we want?

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