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Tuesday, 18 December 2012


We finally managed to buy some fabulous looking halibut - and we enjoyed a 180g fillet each (200 calories) for dinner. There is an award winning smokery not too far from us, where I bought our smoked salmon - only to be confronted with a beautiful display of fresh fish. Couldn't resist and ended up with my shopping bag full with clams, halibut and sea bream.
Halibut is a meaty fish - the texture is very much like tuna, but the flavour is more like haddock. A great fish if you hate picking out bones - as the fish is huge and only has one central bone. This steak was boneless as it came from one side of the backbone.
We served the halibut with some spinach and spiced butter beans. We cooked the butter beans in some white wine along with chopped tomatoes, chopped parsley, coriander seeds and seasoning (I could have added a few more chilli flakes too). When the beans were soft, we stirred in some olive oil and warmed this through before serving. The whole meal came to around 450 calories so we added some bread to increase the calorie content - to help ensure we don't pick later!
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