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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Mushroom ravioli

There's an Italian theme going on here... The gorgeous home made pizza we made the other day (which was so good we are going to make it again soon) and now this fabulous pasta.
Here is our mushroom and blue cheese ravioli starter. One large ravioli was tantalisingly tasty, just how a starter should be.
We've eaten the ravioli as part of another meal (shin of beef) before. We decided it was so delicious it deserved a plate all of its own.

The pasta was made from scratch and stuffed with mushroom and blue cheese. 
(To serve two). Dice 4 fresh mushrooms, place in a pan with salt/pepper to release the liquid. Keep cooking until the liquid disappears. Remove from the pan, add some blue cheese - to your own taste - we added just a small amount - depending upon the strength of the cheese. We used about a thumb nail of cheese for the two starters. If we didn't have time to make pasta we would at least make the mushroom mix, as it goes so well with the beef, and buy some freshly made lasagne sheets. 
The sauce was a reduction of the cooking liquor with the addition of salt and pepper. Reduce to your desired thickness.

We served the ravioli on a small bed of spinach with a tarragon cream sauce.
Today we're having roast belly of pork (Chinese style) with pak choi and mash.
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