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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Weekend plans

We've decided to have some fish for dinner and chosen this great recipe - sea bass on creamy risotto. The fishmonger had better looking sea bream (Dorade) so we're having that instead of sea bass. They are quite similar in texture but the sea bream has a stronger flavour.
For a starter, we're having mushroom ravioli. The last time we enjoyed this ravioli was with our shin of beef, but as its so tasty, it deserves its place as a great starter. We'll serve this with a tarragon cream (chop a few shallots/garlic, wine, double cream and tarragon).
Tomorrow we're having chinese style belly of pork with pak choi and mash. It's so easy to make and as we're fairly busy, we can leave it to its own devices slowly cooking away.
So how has our weight fared over the festive season so far? We are pleasantly surprised - as it's remained extremely stable. We've found the richness of some of the food has filled us up enough to stop picking and snacking. We've eaten the chocolates and cakes too, so haven't missed out on anything. We have managed a couple of walks - each lasting around an hour. Because the weather is so miserable, we've tended to stick close to home just in case, but its surprising just how much you can walk once you get going! Walking to the pub is something we do naturally now, and the 20 minute walk (one mile) adds up to around 80 calories (one chocolate biscuit).

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