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Thursday, 6 December 2012

What's on our menu?

We made this wonderful very lazy beef curry (made with beef skirt). Slow cooking is the way to go with this. Not only that, it's a very economical dish - and makes around 8 portions (about 360 calories each) if using 1 kg of meat. The resulting curry is not swimming in fat - and very very tender. We generally freeze some, it still tastes good - and it's also very handy. Tomorrow we'll be having some of this for dinner - giving it plenty of time for the flavours to develop.
Tonight we're having chicken breast flavoured with cajun seasoning, a salad, coleslaw, sweetcorn and new potatoes. It's one of our favourites and always delicious and very filling.
Our method of weight loss is so flexible - it can be picked up and put down when it suits us. When we're not following it completely, we love the fact that our weight is very stable. Keeping the method in the back of our minds seems to help us make wise food choices. We like to get the most out of our calories for the day! We haven't regained any of the weight we've lost, which is fantastic. Before we started following our method, weight gain was slow and steady - over years, so we took the view that it was better coming off slowly. Maybe that has helped our bodies adjust to the new lower weight?  Unlike a lot of 'diets' where the weight always piled back on soon after. Perhaps we are keeping the weight off because we have learned more about the food we eat? Whatever it is, we feel we now have the means to control our weight forever.

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