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Monday, 31 December 2012

The danger zone

The Christmas weight gain danger zone confronts us. Left over goodies, waiting to be polished off. That tin of chocolates or biscuits sit innocently in the corner now the visitors have gone. The odd mince pie which you can't throw out. So if you are going to polish things off, just be mindful of how many calories they contain and how those calories fit into your daily allowance. See what we think about CALORIES.
My partner was busy polishing off the mince pies two years ago... until we saw just how many calories there were in one of them. Three mince pies equated to a Sunday roast dinner - and we know what we would prefer. That's how our interest into calories began. We then worked out how many calories we could eat.
Our weight loss method has actually saved us money because we ditched conventional diets and didn't have to go to any diet classes.
We now understand WHY we were overweight and more importantly HOW we could do something about it without eating diet food and feeling miserable. We came up with this UNIQUE IDEA and followed this for the last two years losing almost 7 STONE in weight between us. 

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