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Saturday, 14 April 2012


We estimate this dish to be around 700-800 calories.  Each fillet steak weighed 200g (310 cals) and the 150g baby roasted potatoes around 200 cals at most.  We roast ours in olive oil.  A selection of vegetables and the sauce will account for the rest of the calories, and we have allowed a generous 200-300 cals for those.
The leftover blackberries from breakfast were so sweet that we decided to make this into a sauce to go with our steak.  Take a glass of red wine (this is for 2 servings), a shot of port and put this in a small saucepan.  Add blackberries to the pan - we used 10.  We saved some for decoration, but to be honest, we found the flavour of the additional whole blackberries overpowering because the blackberry sauce on its own was enough! Showing off has its consequences.  Dice 2 small shallots, don't fry, just throw in with the wine.  Simmer this for half an hour or so.  Strain through a sieve, pushing down to get the blackberries through.  Season to taste. Reduce further until fairly sticky and set aside until ready to serve.  Only when ready to serve, add a small knob of butter and mix through - otherwise the sauce will split.

For party goers - we pre cooked the veg, stopping the cooking process a couple of minutes short.  (The carrots were cooked in orange juice).  The potatoes were par-boiled and coated in olive oil, and go into the oven for a good 30 minutes to roast.  We have even left the potatoes hanging around until ready to start the cooking process on other occasions.  The timings are very easy because all we are doing is warming everything back up.  The mushrooms and steak are really the only thing left to cook from scratch.  So if you have guests coming round, all the prep is virtually done; leaving you to mingle longer and produce the rabbit out of the hat!

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