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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Wednesday's meals

Today I had a takeaway salad as I was shopping.  I always read the nutritional details.  I'm generally looking for anything under 500 calories.  My choice today was a pasta / feta & sun dried tomato salad.  The salad was filling and delicious.

This evening we are eating home made chilli con carne.  We'll have this with rice, and the total meal should be under 600 calories.  From Monday to Thursday we try and have 'good' days, eating what we want - but below our normal calorie allowance.  For my partner this means he gets to eat 2000 calories today and I get to eat 1500 calories.  Then Friday to Sunday, we eat a full allowance, which adds another 500 calories to our day!

I'll post my chilli recipe later.

The other thing I have going at the moment is a chicken casserole.  It's so low in calories (around 250 per good portion) and quite filling, but I usually add dumplings and/or potatoes to bulk it up.  A pack of chicken drumsticks and thighs are all you need.  Mine are currently in the slow cooker - with the skin on.  I like to extract as much flavour as possible, as this will form the basis of my chicken stock.  I'll cook this for an hour or two in the slow cooker, then strain the liquid and take the skin and bones off the chicken before putting this back into the pot.  At this point I'll add the flavourings - I use my garden herbs; thyme, bay leaf, parsley, rosemary, salt and pepper.  Then I'll put in whatever veg I fancy - carrots, onion, celery etc.  The liquid will thicken as a result of the slow cooking of the skin/bones.  I like to let this cool down, and when reheating in a saucepan, I then add the potatoes/dumplings etc.

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