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Monday, 30 April 2012

Monday's weightloss eating plan.

Over the weekend we did a little preparation. It wasn't difficult, and with the help of a slow cooker, we have some wonderful meals to look forward to.

Today it's going to be a butternut squash soup for lunch.  The veg cost £1 and made 4 good portions.  Just sauté some onions, add garlic, throw in the butternut squash (1 kg), vegetable stock or stock cubes.  Simmer until soft.  Blitz.  Season.  This will be lunch with a cheese sandwich.

Dinner is going to be the beef curry and rice.  We've already slow cooked this.  It was made using beef skirt and our own homemade curry powder (which we use in other curry recipes).  Because we cook this from scratch in the slow cooker, we can cut out the fat normally associated with curries - by not using ghee or butter. The beef has enough of its own fat, which is drawn out during the slow cooking process and flavours the dish beautifully.  The slow cooking process gives the curry a good depth of flavour.  I'll post the recipe/pics later.  We do add the ginger/garlic to our mix, so all the flavour notes are there.  We also think the final curry has a lot 'cleaner' and refreshing taste - but that's our opinion (and preference).

Tuesday we are having a mozzarella/ciabatta salad for lunch.

So we're ahead with our planning - which keeps us one step ahead with our weightloss.

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