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Monday, 30 April 2012

To eat or not to eat - that is the question

After 15 months of successful weightloss, we are still losing weight, slowly but surely.  We've taken pictures of our food because so many people asked us (and still ask) what we are eating.  When we show people our pictures - they can't comprehend how we can lose weight eating all this wonderful food.

Recalling my own unsuccessful attempts at 'dieting' - it goes something like this:   Wake up on a Monday morning, determined to 'diet' and lose as much weight as possible in the shortest time possible.  Start cutting back on food - resign myself to give up my chocolate/crisps/wine etc.  Sit down - with good intentions - to my 'diet' meals.  Eat slowly if I can.  Plate seems to have shrunk.  Feel hungry most of the day.  But.... by the end of the day I feel virtuous.  End of the week I've lost a couple (or more) pounds.  Great.  Weekend arrives.  Go a little overboard, then get massive cravings for the things I LOVE to eat.  Seek out food I am craving.  Eat - overeat - tell myself it's ok as I've lost weight. Eat more.  Think -- oh well, I've broken the 'diet' - so eat even MORE.  Tell myself that Monday is just around the corner, so I'll start again.....

So, 15 months ago we said: Don't diet.  We took our calorie allowance and made it our own.  I faced the cream cake and asked myself if I really wanted to spend 500 calories eating it.  I made the choice - to eat or not to eat - that was (actually) the answer.

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