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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

After a couple of hearty days.....

We've enjoyed a couple of very sociable days - eating and drinking whatever we fancied. It's not easy picking through the maze of food on offer and making the best choice, so we've just had to go with the flow. We found some of the processed food very salty too. We know that with a couple of good days ahead, we'll balance out nicely and the scales will be kind to us too. A little gentle exercise (walking) when the rain decides to go away, will help us continue our weightloss.

Today we had some fruit (tasty strawberries from Kent) and full fat greek yoghurt with a dash of honey for breakfast.

This was followed by poached eggs, bacon and toast for lunch. Tonight we're sharing half a roast chicken (peri-peri) with new potatoes, sweetcorn cobs and rocket/parmesan salad. We bought a whole chicken and split it - very economical. When we have less time and can't think of a good, tasty and filling meal, this peri-peri chicken is one that never fails to please.  

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