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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Low fat - no thanks

When I say no thanks, I'm talking about LOW-FAT PROCESSED FOODS. At the very beginning of our weight loss journey, we decided to ignore low-fat foods. I had been reading the labels on some processed low-fat foods and realised the 'fat' was being replaced with 'sugar' and other chemicals. We had noticed too, that whenever we ate sugary foods - and some of the low-fat foods tasted really sweet - that we were never really satisfied. It also seemed that by eating sugar, we just wanted more... sugar. So we decided to eat food in its most natural state - for example, we would choose a normal yoghurt over a 'low fat' yoghurt. We found these foods satisfied our hunger and helped us to stop snacking.

Because we wanted to lose weight, we had to
reduce our calories in some way. We opted to do this by reducing our NORMAL daily calorie allowance by a small amount for around HALF the week. Then for the rest of the week we ate a FULL calorie allowance. The reason for this was because we had read so much about the body going into hibernation if it was continually under eating (or dieting). We thought we would BOOST our metabolism and give it a weekly kickstart. To our amazement we found our best weight loss came when we ate our full calorie allowance to its maximum. It wasn't easy to eat this way when we first started, as it seemed to go against most diets I had ever tried. But we went with our gut feeling that to lose weight we needed to give the body all the nutrients it needed. Logically, if we didn't do that, the body would hold onto whatever it had stored. I have read that the body holds onto fat (for survival)  - there was a story about the Swedish man who was trapped in his car by snow, all winter and his body shut down to preserve life. He survived. Yes, that's an extreme example, but shows how intelligent our body is.  So for us, it made sense to give the body some new 'good' fats - and we hoped by doing that, the body would release it's fat stores and we would lose weight. This worked. We won - we have lost over 6 stone so far.

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I have been on so many diets in my life, and not one of them has produced the weight loss and fat loss that we are both experiencing now. We add a bit of walking on the side - maybe go for a good stroll if we can. We are so surprised at this result, along with many of our friends and family. That's the reason for this blog - to show all the REAL food we have been eating.

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