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Friday, 22 June 2012

Frugal Friday... around 400 calories

We like to use up ingredients - why waste them? Surveying the stocks - we had some potatoes, onions, a couple of slices of ham. What better way to use them up than in one of my favourite (and cheap) supper dishes! Great for baking and returning to. We're going to have ours with mushy peas.

For two large servings at around 400 calories each - I've used 600g of potatoes (Estima, Maris Piper, Maris Peer, Melody - something not too floury) and peel then slice these up quite thinly. Take 2 large onions and thinly slice these. Then simply layer the two ingredients into an oven proof dish, ending with potatoes on the top. Put salt and pepper on each layer. Then take about 100g chicken stock and mix with 50g milk, and pour over the whole thing. Dot the top with butter. This will form our BASIC MIX. It can be cooked in a medium hot oven (180) for an hour or so - until the top starts to go nice and crispy and brown.

You can play with the basic mix, and can add whatever you fancy - ham, cheese, even chorizo etc to the layers. We quite often add some cooked ham (quite low in calories) or leftover cooked sausage if we have some (which you probably won't because they tend to disappear overnight). You could add cream instead of milk if you want some luxury. The thing is, it's a great way to use potatoes and leftover bits without breaking the bank. I'd guess this meal cost me 50p - so great one for students!

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