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Saturday, 16 June 2012


We were undecided about tonights menu, but fancied picking on different foods for a change, and opted for some 'small plates' (tapas style). Looking around the supermarket, we were a little shocked at the ready made tapas on offer. Most were quite high in calories and fat, unnecessarily so we thought. By choosing the ingredients that go into our own dishes, and the way these are cooked, we have control. For example, by frying our own minced beef, we have the opportunity to remove more fat if we decide to. We don't know what the calorie content of all of our dishes tonight are, but we've eaten this type of food at some good restaurants without injuring our weight loss too much.
As it's Saturday we get to eat a full calorie allowance - and we tend to make the most of it too! Our way of eating is a lifestyle change rather than a diet, and occasionally this will mean we just sit back and relax while enjoying cooking and eating our food. Here's what we came up with for tonight:
Mushroom and stilton ravioli - drizzled with olive oil (we made our own pasta, but a good shortcut is to buy some ready made fresh lasagne sheets)
Cooked crevettes in garlic and shallots (we fried our own raw prawns as it was cheaper)
Cooked chorizo slices
Spicy meatballs (home made... much less fat than the ready made variety) with mozzarella pearls
Ciabatta slices with a good olive oil and balsamic for dipping
Goat's cheese - if we fancy
Good red wine... of course!
Cooking the crevettes from raw was so much cheaper and resulted in a very tasty alternative to the higher priced ready cooked variety. They take just a couple of minutes - as soon as they turn pink remove from the heat. 150g of raw crevettes cost just £1.50 and they are so much more tender. We fried briefly in olive oil.
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