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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Rib eye steak

The butcher was excited about these steaks and so were we. We don't usually have this cut of meat, so we're really looking forward to it. Instead of chips, we've decided to make some of our own onion rings. There are a few new potatoes, some baby tomatoes cooked in balsamic vinegar and a watercress and parmesan salad. We're not making a sauce tonight because the tomatoes will create a sauce. I fancy a little blue cheese melted over my steak - I'll wait and see. We have chosen a good Malbec red wine from Argentina to go with this fab meal.

The trick to cooking steaks is ...not to overcook. It all depends on the thickness and the way you like it cooked. Resting is the most important step - we think. Our steaks were rested for about the same length of time as they were cooked. I don't like to see meat juice on the plate, but I don't like overcooked steak - and the resting helps draw the juices back into the meat. What we do is let it rest, then flash fry just before serving to warm it back through. The photo was taken on the iPhone - annoying because our usual camera battery had run out, so apologies for the poor picture!

As the weather held off, we managed to get out into the countryside and our leisurely exercise has burned off a few calories already! We think this meal is higher in calories than we would normally eat, but as we've now burnt a few extra calories, we don't mind. It's Saturday - we love relaxing and enjoying our food using our full allowance.
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