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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Tuesday breakfast

Spurred on after standing on the scales this morning - we are more convinced than ever that balancing out the number of calories is key to weight loss. Breakfast was a tub of ready made mixed fruit salad eaten on 80g of full fat greek yoghurt and a drizzle of honey. I had more fruit than normal, as it was delicious, but the dish was still only around 200 calories, so there's room for a piece of toast if I'm hungry. We enjoy fruit and yoghurt so we eat it.
Lunch is going to be a salad with potatoes and dinner could be pasta with meatballs or a ham and cheese bake?
It has taken years to accumulate the excess weight, and we are happy it is disappearing. Our success tells us that weight gain IS something we can avoid, and actively do something about. More importantly, we have found that because of the slow and steady progress, our weight is far more stable. Excessive weekends (like the last one) do not have the same impact as when I used to 'diet' - where the scales would show wild swings in weight. I would love to magic away the weight in an instant, as I am sure most people would, but I am content in the knowledge that our weight loss method works. Slowly but surely getting smaller (just like we slowly but surely got bigger). Being conscious of what we eat and learning about calories might seem a bit boring, but it is the key to losing weight. We're all worth the effort!

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