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Monday, 11 June 2012


After a long weekend of celebrations, we return to our 4 days of lighter eating. We've had an early 'weigh in' to give us some idea of where we are. We have both been pleasantly surprised with just a tiny dent, but we know this can be smoothed out in the coming days. Once upon a time, celebrating meant that any 'diet' could quickly turn into a food frenzy. Not any more - because of the way we are losing weight. We didn't have time to stop and count calories either - we just went with the flow. It could be that by losing the weight slowly, we've taught ourselves to listen more to our body and we eat naturally?

Our philosophy is to eat whatever we want. We tell ourselves we can have whatever it is we really want to eat. By doing that we get to take control, rather than food control us. Back in the days of dieting, I would look at a buffet table and notice all the food that I wasn't allowed to eat. The 'naughty' food would end up piled onto my plate and be gone in seconds. Convinced it tasted great, because I hadn't eaten it for such a long time and returning for seconds and even thirds. Now I can look at the food on the buffet table and ask myself what I really would like to eat. Asking ourselves that question each time we eat, we get to make a conscious decision about our food. We believe this has helped reduce cravings for food.

As it's Monday, we'll be asking ourselves what we really want to eat over the next 4 days. Because we are eating slightly less, it's important that we enjoy what we are going to eat. I'm working on our menu for the next few days, and will post this up later.

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