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Friday, 22 June 2012

Friday lunch around 450 calories

After the crunchy lunch, I really fancied some strong flavours, so picked this goat's cheese and bacon salad. It's slightly different today because we used a very soft goat's cheese (100 calories each). A couple of slices of bacon (150 calories) - chopped, cooked until crisp then sprinkled over the salad.
We dressed the salad leave very lightly with a minimal amount of olive oil (20 calories if that), salt and pepper. I added a few lightly toasted pine nuts and a few pieces of crushed walnut (40 calories). Then I mixed about 30g of goat's cheese with enough milk to make it runny (50 calories each), added some pepper and lemon and poured over the salad.
A small chunk of crusty french bread.... perfect. Eat a really tasty salad - enjoy all the wonderful flavours and feeling SATISFIED. We're all worth the effort. This didn't take that long to prepare - just watch you don't pick on the pine nuts... they are very high in calories but look surprisingly innocent.

We estimate this salad to be around 450-500 calories depending upon how large that chunk of bread was! We always try to work out a rough calorie count, but these are only our estimates. Our weight is still trending downwards, so we can't be that far out - and just in case we are, we usually over estimate!

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