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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Time for the gym

No. That's not what we do! We walk. If we don't have time, we add in extra walking by parking a little further away from wherever we want to be. We use stairs instead of escalators. All these little bits of exercise DO add up. We get immediate benefits from walking, as we relax in the fresh air.We know that fat burning kicks in at around 20 minutes, because we heat up. A longer stroll lasting about an hour means we are burning fat for about 40 minutes. We have experienced the benefits of losing fat without going to extremes. I used to think I had to do something 'strenuous' before I would see results - but our weightloss through moderate exercise has worked.

Going to the gym might take more time out of our day than going for a walk. Driving to the gym, working out and returning home may take a couple of hours, whereas a walk can take half as long with the benefits starting as soon as we step out of the door. Walking is cheaper - no sports clothes to buy, no petrol costs and no membership fees. Since walking, we've realised that just 15 minutes walking can cover quite a distance. Our paper shop is 15 minutes away - we used to drive there, like I'm sure most people would. I've no idea why we didn't think to walk, maybe it's unfashionable? Perhaps that's why past generations were slimmer - they didn't have cars. Now things have changed, and walking is our natural choice. It may take a bit longer than driving, but we save petrol, relax, don't have to fight for a parking space, and... get to lose a bit of weight.

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