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Friday, 15 June 2012

That Friday feeling

After 4 days of eating a little less - we now get to eat a bit more! We believe we are stimulating our metabolism by eating this way and this has helped our weightloss. When our social life intervenes - as it did last weekend - we join in. The last few days has brought our weight back to what it was before the weekend. We've been on a couple of small walks (each about an hour long) to help. Great.

Our focus on calories has worked for us - we've lost weight. It also means we are healthier than we were. Eating fewer calories for 4 days has helped us learn about what's in our food. Turning the packet over and flicking through the calorie content doesn't take long. We don't eat low fat food, because it doesn't fill us up. We rarely snack because we ARE full up. If I have a snack attack, it's probably because I haven't eaten enough. Eating a good meal is the answer. Eating what we love is the answer. We may not be perfect, but then - who is. After 6 stone weightloss, we must be doing something right.

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