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Saturday, 3 November 2012

A speedy lunch alternative

We forgot to buy the sausages! So after  surveying the kitchen we decided to go for a cheese and ham omelette instead. It's easy to forget just how quick, simple and delicious this meal is. The trick is not to overcook the omelette. You can see the cheese is melting nicely. To cook we add a small piece of butter to the frying pan and pour in the eggs. We seasoned 3 eggs with salt and pepper to make one omelette. Just keep moving the mixture around, and once the runny texture has disappeared, add the filling. Cook for another 30 seconds or so.
We did remember to buy the steak for tonight ... we chose sirloin. We'll have this with a watercress and parmesan salad, filo wrapped potatoes (if we remember to buy the filo) and a mushroom sauce. The chasseur sauce is absolutely delicious and rich and we loved it so much, we're making it again. Here's how our steak with chasseur sauce looked last time when we made it with fillet steak for a treat. Instead of buying fresh tarragon which is not always easy to come by, we bought a small jar which sits in the fridge.

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