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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Fish fingers!!

We've been out all day and hadn't really thought much about dinner. Porridge for breakfast kept us going until we stopped for lunch - a seafood sandwich. On the way home, we called into the local supermarket and picked up 150g of haddock and a large chicken.
We made these fish fingers and they were delicious!
We cut the haddock into 6 large fingers (or goujons if you want to be posh) with around 25g of fish each. These were dipped into seasoned flour, egg and then covered in Panko breadcrumbs (also from the supermarket). We're quite impressed with Panko breadcrumbs because they give a very crispy result without soaking up lots of oil. The drier texture is so much crunchier than if we used normal breadcrumbs. They took just a few minutes each side to shallow fry in the frying pan. We shared our starter and ate with some mayonnaise which was pepped up with cornichons (gherkins) and capers.
A fab starter at - we would estimate - around 150 calories each (that's allowing 150 calories for the breadcrumbs and frying).
Later on we're eating BBQ spicy chicken using the spicy rub we bought today. We're having corn on the cob, new potatoes and rocket salad.

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