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Friday, 2 November 2012

LOSING WEIGHT with our method

Having lost over 6.5 stone in weight, we have both reached the point where we feel we can 'relax'. I love the fact that we can return to our easy weight loss METHOD if we ever feel the need.
It can be quite difficult judging how many calories we are really allowed to eat each day. Despite some of the internet calculations out there, I'm convinced there is no precise science and we just have to keep an eye on our food intake.
I believe my body is intelligent and will do its upmost to get me to eat what it needs nutritionally. I now try to listen to what my body wants. For example, I can go for days without wanting (or missing) e.g. cheese. Then - for some reason or other - I find myself drawn towards eating cheese.
Our METHOD is simple - eat whatever we want, then we won't crave anything. All I can say is that I am really happy we eat all food groups. I've read some horrifying stories of people who believed they should cut out certain food groups to lose weight, only to find themselves (years later) trying to make up for the consequences. Isn't it better to eat a balanced diet? Yes, it is difficult to lose weight, but with our method, we have learned that through giving our bodies the foods that it needs/desires, it seems to let go of the weight much more readily.
A chat with a friend recently brought this into reality. She has been following a 'diet' for 6 months but has lost HALF the amount I lost following 'our method' over the same period of time. I'm not sure what the body gets up to when 'dieting' but from my friends perspective - it seems to be doing its best to hold onto the weight. Not only that, she tells me she has stopped eating her favourite foods, and feels deprived. We think deprivation leads to cravings in the long term. That's why we found losing weight while eating everything we love so much easier. We came up with our METHOD which we believe gives our body a good old jolt and kicks it into losing the weight that (I personally thought) never seemed possible. 

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